Romance Report
September 23-29, 2019


One day in Romancelandia lasts approximately 1.3 Earth years. Now imagine a week. To help you keep up, we’ve gone through the tweets about last week’s highs (and lows) of representation in romance to bring you our Weekly Romance Update.

These are tweets from or about BIPOC, LGBTQIAP+, and/or otherwise underrepresented writers, reviewers, and list curators. If you don’t already, please follow these accounts and be sure to always retweet the original post. #RomanceSparksJoy #RSJWeeklyUpdate

This caught our eye, so we checked in with Kaia, who told us “Black women have been writing what could be described as horror romance. The rest of the world just hasn’t been paying attention.” She recommended checking out ValJeanne Jeffers and, of course, LA Banks.

Madeline Rivera talks about the sheer laziness of continuing to use BIPOC as fictional terrorists. Most domestic terrorists in the United States are white men. Someone write about that.

Jazmen wrote about reviewer burnout and how it specifically affects Black reviewers.

Kennedy Ryan’s boosted her friend Dylan Allen’s Facebook post about working with Book Bonanza to make it a more diverse and inclusive event.

Catch Helen Kay Dimon on Smart Podcast, Trashy Books talking about the RITAs and the idea of “fixing” them.

Jodie Slaughter talks about Black and brown people in Appalachia and the inspiration for WHITE WHISKEY BARGAIN.

We’ve noticed, and we love it.

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And this isn’t romance related, but it is Twitter related. Check out this holiday hashtag! #RoshHashanah. We love an inclusive emoji; now let’s see some more inclusive holiday romance! Shanah tovah!

We hope you have a week filled with books and joy and all the good things! And if we have missed anything important, please let us know. Our DMs are open. You can also submit anonymous feedback at

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