About Us


Though the romance community is a large and diverse one, you’d never know it by looking at the winners of the RITA Awards—the most prestigious award in the genre. We have a major problem with that.

We believe any award that claims to represent the best and brightest of romance should have winners that showcase the wide variety of human experiences with love—the traditional, the unconventional, and everything in between.

Love that defies easy categorization.

Love that opens your eyes.

Love that sparks joy.

Here at Romance Sparks Joy, we’ll be shining a light on authors of color (and authors from other under-represented communities) whose incredible, diverse stories haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve from the romance world. We’re here to make sure they know they’re seen, cared about, and their stories of love in a world that often hates them are important.

That they matter.

Will you join us?