Meet The Admins


E (Elizabeth)


Romancelandia: Reads all the books.
Real Life: Teaches adult basic education and edits academic papers as a side hustle.

Elizabeth keeps the romance sparking joy instead of uncontrollable flames – if things start falling apart, she’s sure to get them back on track. If you’re not sure who to contact about something, contact Elizabeth on Twitter.

Michelle Boule

Library Organizer & Moderator | she/her | 📘

Romancelandia: Author.
Real Life: Librarian.

Shhhhh! No talking in the library, unless it’s to Michelle! All library-related questions should be whispered to her via Twitter or email (

J.S. Lenore

tech Support | She/Her | 👻

Romancelandia: Avid reader of all things romance.
Real Life: I run a tech support department for a medical software company while also writing and raising two kids.

Got technical issues with any of the Romance Sparks Joy spaces? See something on the website that needs update? Drop a line to J.S. Lenore on Twitter!


Social Media | She/Her | 🐙

Romancelandia: Reader, Reviewer, Booktuber.
Real Life: Project Manager.

From tweets to texts, Izzy’s the expert! Contact her on Twitter for social media issues – hashtags, official accounts, and anything else you can think of.


Romancelandia Liaison | She/Her | 📚

Romancelandia: Reviewer, and always trying to get the bottom of my TBR.
Real life: Freelance Editor

Just have general questions about romance novels and our project? Melinda is the person to go to.