Readers to RWA


The following letter was emailed to Mr. Suede and Mses. Alward, Dixon, McMurry, Rhys Barnes, and Ryan on December 30, 2019 at 12:43 p.m. EST from Romance Sparks Joy on behalf of a Group of Concerned Romance Readers . A hard copy of the letter is to follow.

Mr. Suede and Mses. Alward, Dixon, McMurry, Rhys Barnes, and Ryan:

The Romance Writers of America “works to support the efforts of its members to earn a living, to make a full-time career out of writing romance—or a part-time one that generously supplements their main income.” In essence, you exist to help authors sell books to readers. We are those readers, and we are writing to express our disappointment, frustration, anger, and disgust regarding the actions taken, rescinded, and now being reviewed against Courtney Milan, as well as actions and inactions with respect to other members and prospective members of RWA. 

These actions or inactions include, but are not limited to, credible allegations that RWA has:

  • Manipulated the complaint process against Ms. Milan in a way that was procedurally unfair, substantively incorrect, and damaging to her and any member who expresses concerns about the mistreatment of a marginalized individual or community.
  • Disregarded ethics complaints by marginalized authors.
  • Rejected membership applications by authors who do not write about cisgender, heterosexual, monogamous, allosexual, Christian, or other characters deemed acceptable by those reviewing the applications.
  • Paid BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) authors less for speaking engagements compared to their white counterparts.
  • Declined to intervene on behalf of authors not receiving payment from Dreamspinner Press despite previously having taken action with other publishers.
  • Permitted judges to reject or deliberately deflate the scores of RITA-nominated works about marginalized individuals, thereby undermining the integrity of the award process.
  • Continued to protect white, cisgender, heterosexual, allosexual, nondisabled, and otherwise non-marginalized authors (“non-marginalized authors”) at the expense of BIPOC, LGBTQIAP+, disabled, and otherwise underrepresented and marginalized authors (“marginalized authors”).

We readers are a diverse group. It is simplistic to imagine there is one stereotypical Romance reader; in truth, we come from every background, every life experience, every corner of this country and beyond. Thus, it behooves the genre as a whole to explicitly and intentionally promote books for every reader. The lack of respect for marginalized authors directly impacts those of us who are also marginalized. It’s a reminder that we aren’t as important, that our stories aren’t as important, because the people who tell our stories aren’t considered as important. Furthermore, RWA’s lack of support for these authors hurts all readers who value good stories regardless of their identities and the identities of the characters. We demand a place where all love stories are held in high regard. Now we are left to wonder how many authors and stories we never knew about because of RWA exclusionary tactics. Moreover, we are heartbroken that beautiful stories and artistry are lost to all readers regardless of their background due to RWA’s unjustified gate-keeping.

As readers, we are also critics. We discuss books with other readers and make recommendations. We also rely on honest critiques and reviews when deciding how to spend our money. When RWA took a complaint against Ms. Milan for criticizing a published work on social media seriously, it communicated that honest critique of a problematic text is an attack on non-marginalized authors. By incorrectly and unfairly sanctioning Ms. Milan for failing to “create a safe and respectful” environment, RWA created a hostile environment for readers who engage in and rely on criticism. RWA’s stance is now that describing and analyzing any problematic elements in a text is an attack on the author and that the feelings of authors are more important than those of the readers who make up your members’ customer base. 

Likewise, readers believe RWA is failing in its mission to guide readers to the best of the genre. After years of watching mediocre, problematic, and even racist books land on the finalists’ list, it is clear to us that something is very wrong with the judging process. Many of us saw the proposed changes to the judging panel as a sign that the RITAs themselves would finally be indicative of quality. By making it clear that marginalized authors and their allies are not welcome in the RWA, the RWA has undermined its mission.

We have also noticed that the RWA is refusing to offer support to marginalized authors to ensure they receive the money we paid for their work and has been withheld by publishers. When we buy books, we expect that the authors will be paid. If they aren’t, as the trade association for the Romance writers, your job is to advocate for them. In previous situations similar to the one involving Dreamspinner Press, RWA has advocated for non-marginalized authors with other publishers. We question the organization’s silence now. By failing to ensure authors receive the financial compensation for their work they are entitled to, RWA has exacerbated a situation that may cause authors to stop publishing, thus depriving readers of their stories. 

By its own actions, the leadership of RWA has shown it does not care about what is best for Romance. Rather, a reactionary swath of authors and readers have become beneficiaries of RWA support, advocacy, and protection at the expense of marginalized authors and readers. We, therefore, call for:

  • A clear, unequivocal statement that RWA is anti-racist and that all of its policies, procedures, and activities will ensure that the organization meets this standard.
  • A public apology to Ms. Milan, the Board members who have been compelled by their consciences to resign this week, and members who have been harmed by the RWA as stated above.
  • The resignations of President/President-Elect Damon Suede and Executive Director Carol Ritter.
  • An emergency election of new Directors to replace those who have resigned in protest.
  • A full, transparent, and independent investigation into the complaint, investigation, and censure processes around RWA’s Code of Ethics, with attention to events related to the complaints against Ms. Milan and reports that ethics complaints by marginalized members were not forwarded to the Ethics Committee by RWA staff.
  • An accounting of the actions that led to the creation of a secret ethics committee and the Board’s initial vote against Ms. Milan.
  • The removal of staff if investigations demonstrate those staff members discriminated against marginalized authors based on their identities, whether intentionally or through negligence.
  • An Action Plan developed with public input to address the systematic exclusion, harassment, and lack of support for marginalized members and prospective members at every level of RWA, including chapters, conferences and events, staff prerogatives, and Board action.

Additionally, we support the petitions by 28 incoming and outgoing chapter presidents calling for transparency.

Until these conditions are met, we will:

  • Encourage a boycott of any events sponsored by or affiliated with the national chapter of RWA. 
  • Encourage a boycott of books published by and events attended by authors who remain in leadership positions within the national organization.
  • Reevaluate other relationships with RWA, such as academic grants and awards to librarians.
  • Pledge not to give any publicity to the RITAs.
  • Use our voices and dollars to support the marginalized authors whom RWA has betrayed.

RWA has lost our trust. This letter outlines what we consider to be the minimum acceptable actions. However, we remain hopeful that the values that have brought us together as Romance readers will inspire you to support Romance in the way that RWA was intended—as a place to help everyone find Happily Ever After.


Elizabeth Early (@EisReading; #RomanceSparksJoy), Lena Corazon (@lenacorazon), Melissa McHugh (@crimsonglass), Heather Sands, Amanda Morgan (@DCRomanceReader), Heather Lire (@heatherlire), Jordan Brock (@jordansbrock), The Book Reading Gals (@bookreadinggals), Dani McKie, Pam Upper (Romance reader), Colleen Vanderlinden, Miranda West (Librarian and romance reader), Kimberly Golden Malmgren (Author; reader; contributor to Sistah Girl Next Door), Jessica Calla (Author and reader, former member of RWA), Julie Staniford, Karen Danner (Romance reader for 40 years), Leslie Sabin, Elizabeth Pickett (@PickettPhD), S. Ross (@MxS_510), Jennifer Bruce (@SheRead_HeSaid), Taryn Hearn, Lillie Applegarth (Lillie’s Literary Services), Misty McMillen, Niamh Kennelly, Rochelle Jennings (Emmalita at, Alison Morrow, Kay Taylor Rea (Not Now, I’m Reading podcast), Jill Scheyk (@maximumjill), Megan Dansie (@megan_dansie; Reader), S.A. 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