Romance Report
November 11-17, 2019


One day in Romancelandia lasts approximately 1.3 Earth years. Now imagine a week. To help you keep up, we’ve gone through the tweets about last week’s highs (and lows) of representation in romance to bring you our Weekly Romance Update.

These tweets are from or about issues affecting BIPOC, LGBTQIAP+, and/or otherwise underrepresented writers, reviewers, and list curators. If you’re not already, please follow these accounts and be sure to always retweet the original post.

We don’t have a whole lot of updates this week, which is both a good and a bad thing. If there’s anything we missed that you think is worth sharing, please let us know! Our DMs are open.

We’ve got a GORGEOUS cover reveal for Alyssa Cole’s upcoming HOW TO CATCH A QUEEN.

And this cover reveal from Adriana Herrera for her upcoming F/F Christmas novella, MANGOES AND MISTLETOE

Just in time for the holidays, @KA_Doore shares a list of queer adult science-fiction/fantasy novels. I know I (ghost) will be adding more than a few of these to my Christmas list!

Woo! WOCinRomance is back with new releases to share!

Saving the best for last, Ripped Bodice is doing their own literary awards this year! We’re all excited to see who’s in the running.

We hope you have a week filled with books and joy and all the good things! And if we have missed anything important, please let us know. Our DMs are open. You can also submit anonymous feedback at

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