Romance Report
June 2-8, 2019


The #RomanceSparksJoy team follows so many great BIPOC, LGBTQIAP+, and/or otherwise underrepresented writers, reviewers, and list curators who put labor into producing content for romance readers. We never want to reproduce their work or take credit for it even inadvertently.

Starting today, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup thread of tweets and links. This is content we hope is already in your timeline, but if it isn’t, please follow these accounts. Be sure to always retweet the original tweet and not our thread.

So without further ado, here is this week’s list!

Check out WOC In Romance’s list of 15 new releases.

You can also submit your own upcoming releases to be included in future lists.

Join can also participate in the WOC in Romance book club every month.

And they have awesome t-shirts!

Pink Heart Society has announced the finalists for their Reviewers’ Choice Awards, which include 26 books by BIPOC authors and 18 with LBGTQIAP+ rep. Now that’s an inclusive award.

Girl, Have You Read has a list of 11 new releases for your TBR.

We Need Diverse Books is highlighting LGBTQIAP+ titles for #PrideMonth.

Tamara Woods put out a recommendation request for “#cozymystery with LGBTQ+ MC.” Check out the recs she got or make one of your own.

The entire #RomanceSparksJoy team is exploding-heart-eyes about Adriana Herrera’s series featuring queer Afro-Latinx MCs. Snap up the first two plus an upcoming release on sale at the link below.

Here Adriana talks about what seeing her queer Afro-Latinx characters on the covers of her books means to her.

Adriana is also quoted in this Al Jazeera article about the book industry’s failure to keep up with the demand for own voices books.

This is a recommendation that keeps popping up in all of our timelines.

Sylvia Moreno-Garcia asked readers for their favorite pre-2000 book covers, and the replies are a treasure trove.

And finally, Rebekah Weatherspoon has made Romancelandia a promise, and we can’t wait for her to keep it.

We hope you have a week filled with books and joy and all the good things! And if we have missed anything important, please let us know. You can submit anonymous feedback or DM us on Twitter at @sparkjoyromance

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