Meet The Organizers




Romancelandia: Reads all the books.

Real Life: Teaches adult basic education and edits academic papers as a side hustle.

Elizabeth keeps the romance sparking joy instead of uncontrollable flames – if things start falling apart, she’s sure to get them back on track. If you’re not sure who to contact about something, contact Elizabeth on Twitter.

Michelle Boule

Library Organizer & Moderator | she/her | 📘

Romancelandia: Author.

Real Life: Librarian.

Shhhhh! No talking in the library, unless it’s to Michelle! All library-related questions should be whispered to her via Twitter or email (

J.S. Lenore

tech Support | She/Her | 👻

Romancelandia: Avid reader of all things romance.

Real Life: I run a tech support department for a medical software company while also writing and raising two kids.

Got technical issues with any of the Romance Sparks Joy spaces? See something on the website that needs update? Drop a line to J.S. Lenore on Twitter!


Social Media | She/Her | 🐙

Romancelandia: Reader, Reviewer, Booktuber.

Real Life: Project Manager.

From tweets to texts, Izzy’s the expert! Contact her on Twitter for social media issues – hashtags, official accounts, and anything else you can think of.


Romancelandia Liaison | She/Her | 📚

Romancelandia: Reviewer, and always trying to get the bottom of my TBR.

Real world: Freelance Editor

Just have general questions about romance novels and our project? Melinda is the person to go to.


Graphics | She/Her | 🌺

Romancelandia: I write historical romance set in the Spanish Caribbean.

Real Life: Art historian, historical researcher.

Image is everything, dear! For image/graphics questions or concerns, contact Lydia on Twitter.

Elise Elliot

Website | She/Her | 🥐

Romancelandia: Reader, writer, reviewer.

Real Life: Leasing Consultant, bread eater.

Elise either copied and pasted or wrote the relatively small number of words on this website. As you can see by the simple block layout and auto-set colors, she is definitely an expert. In the highly likely event that something is wrong on the website, let her know on Twitter or send an email to

Laura Tatum

Swag | She/Her | 🌴

Romancelandia: Writes romance set at the beach and in space. Loves reading romance!

Real Life: Artist. Reader.

Pins and sashes and buttons – oh my! For book-club-branded gear, Laura’s your liaison. Contact her on Twitter.